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Middle Schools Reconsidered - Powerpoint Version - 2012

A powerpoint version of the Middle Schools Reconsidered document, which presents data that challenges some of the common myths and misconceptions about middle schools.

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Other downloads

Middle Schools Reconsidered - Word version - October 2012    download
A document that uses recent data to challenge some of the commonly stated myths and misconceptions regarding middle school systems. October 2012
Briefing Paper - reform of School Funding: Next steps -June 2012     download
Paper which discusses three issues of concern for middle schools in the Government consultation on Next Steps in funding reform
Final Report - KS2 Testing - 2011    download
Two recommendations contained in the Final Report of the Review of KS2 Testing are of particular interest to middle schools
Cambridge Primary Review & Middle Schools - extracts from full report - 2009    download
A discussion paper prepared for middle school Headteachers summarising the main aspects of the report as they relate to middle schools
Cambridge Primary Review - An endorsement of Middle Schools - 2009    download
A booklet prepared for schools to use which seeks to show the way in which the Cambridge Primary Review endorses many aspect of middle school practice,
Middle Schools Fit for the 21st Century - 2008    download
Now is a good time to reflect on the relevance of the middle school system to the future educational needs of our children. This report argues that middle school systems are ideally placed to meet the challenges of the future.
Planning with the big picture in mind - 2008    download
A three page QCA Curriculum Network planning toolkit which summarises the central messages from the work of the middle schools involverd in the QCA/NMSF co-development project in 2009. Sent out as part of the pack for schools joining the curriculum network.
Making Learning Matter - codevelopment project NMSF/QCA - 2008    download
Details of the NMSF/QCA codevelopment project setting out what is proposed and the suggested outcomes.
Mick Waters Making Learning Matter - 2008    download
Presentation to the 2007 National Conference by Mick Waters, Director of Crurriculum, QCA. Includes the Big Picture - with QCA Curriculum Aims.