National Middle Schools’ Forum Newsletter

June 2015

National Middle Schools Forum are pleased to announce a new partnership with GL Assessment


Members of steering committee have confirmed an agreement to work closely with GL Assessment as we move into a new era for assessment and inspection.


In considering possible assessment solutions for our members we have had the following criteria in mind


A range of tests that cover both KS2 and KS3 in at least English and Maths in a consistent format.


Tests and reports that enable middle schools to benchmark their intakes, and the achievement of leavers, against credible national data, as well as track progress year on year.


Tests which are externally marked - to remove the question mark over internal assessments with some inspectors.


Reports which enable schools to monitor the progress of sub-groups such as pupil premium.........


We have concluded that GL Assessment are the only group to clearly meet each of these criteria.


With GL Assessment it will be possible to:


Use the Progress tests in English and Maths from the Year 4 test on entry to a 9 to 13 middle school, and then each summer to the Year 8 tests on exit. These tests have been matched to the new national curriculum.


Schools will have the option of taking the tests online or using paper and pencil tests returned to GL Assessment and marked by them. The cost is the same whether you use the online tests or the paper and pencil version.


However these tests are particularly powerful when combined with the new CAT tests producing rich data which can be particularly valuable.


So we have suggested two possible middle school packages:


1) Complete Digital Solution: £15.00 ex VAT per pupil per annum

Please note CDS is digital assessments only, paper assessments are not included.


This digital solution provides, for a single price, online access to the progress tests in English, Maths and Science, the CAT4 Gold tests, and the New Group Reading Test, as well access to PASS (dyscalculia & Dyslexia Screening) and SWST (Surveys by Kirkland Rowell for pupils, parents and staff).


This option represents very good value compared to the cost of buying the progress tests and CAT test separately.


Full details of all the assessments included in the CDS are available online - please visit:



2) Option 2 - Progress Test English, Maths and Science for a combined price of: £10.00 ex VAT per pupil, includes marking, Group Report for Teachers, Individual Report for a Teacher and a Parent Report (paper or digital).


or without the Science:


Progress Test English and Maths cost £8.00 ex vat per pupil on both formats (includes marking and Reports).


For those not wanting, or having the facilities for, large scale online testing this second option provides the essential testing for benchmarking on intake and exit and tracking progress.


Full details and sample reports are available on the GL Assessment website.


NMSF partnership with GL Assessment


As part of our partnership GL Assessment have suggested that they are willing to speak at any local area meetings of middle school headteachers you may have organised between now and the end of term. If you have a local heads meeting and would like a presentation then please contact Mike Boyce directly:


Mike Boyce

Multi Academy Trusts South



There will also be workshops at our conference in October - run by GL Assessment where the possibilities they offer can be explored further, together with support for interpreting the reports the system produces.


We envisage that if sufficient members decide to take up this offer it will be possible to for GL Assessment to provide comparative data from all the middle schools taking part in a form yet to be agreed.


NMSF will not be collecting and analysing data from middle schools for benchmarking next year. The GL Assessment Progress Tests will provide you with data benchmarked against a large national sample.


ACTION: For the system to work effectively we hope that schools will use the Year 4 (Age 8) Progress Tests this Autumn Term.


To take up these offers please contact GL Assessment directly contact Shanaaz who will deal with enquires and orders.


Contact Shanaaz Banks (GL Assessment Project Manager) for any orders or queries on:



Nigel Wyatt

Executive Officer