National Middle Schools’ Forum Newsletter

October 2011


1)         KS3 National Conference 2011


Some of the presentations by key speakers at our recent national conference are now available to download from the NMSF website on the ‘conference reports’ page:

Click this link:

2) Open invitation to our next Steering Committee meeting

Following his interesting presentation about the new Ofsted Inspection Framework at Conference, Frank Norris, Divisional Manager, Education and Care at Ofsted has agreed to meet with members of the steering committee at our next meeting.

This should be an opportunity to debate specific middle school issues and consider how we will work together in the future. One suggestion might be the development of specific Ofsted guidance for the inspection of middle schools.

The meeting is open to all – if you would be interested in attending please contact me so that I can send you the papers in advance and directions to the venue.

·         At 10.30 -  Tuesday November 8th, 2011

·         St Saviours Church, St George's Square, Pimlico, SW1V 9A

3) Middle School Benchmarking Data for

Over 50 schools have now contributed data about the achievement of their pupils in their final year at middle school in July 2011. A summary report and interactive spreadsheet of the results can be downloaded from the ‘conference reports’ page of the NMSF website.

Click this link:

The schools which have contributed data have received a fuller spreadsheet giving all the results at individual school level.

Final opportunity to contribute school data - It was agreed at conference that there would be another opportunity to contribute data if you have not done so already – and then you, too, could receive this fuller version of the data.

The form for sending in data is available to download on the home page of the NMSF website – see under latest news -

I would particularly welcome data from middle deemed primary schools – a larger sample would give the figures greater reliability.

Deadline for submitting data: Monday 14th November 2011.


4) The future for Middle School Funding

We need to ensure the funding for middle schools is properly considered as part of the current discussions at national level on a national funding formula.

In order for us to have a fuller understanding of the current funding arrangements for middle schools I have started some work on the funding formulas operating in the different middle school local authorities.

It would be helpful if you have access to a copy of the current funding formula and factors for your Local Authority if you could email me a copy – or a link to the information on your authority’s website.

5) Middle Schools Directory 2011

In preparation for conference I have produced an updated directory of all current middle schools. There are currently 216 middle schools, of which 189 are middle deemed secondary and 27 are middle deemed primary. There are a further 28 schools with an 11 to 14 age range.

You can download a copy of the directory from the homepage of the  NMSF website:

Nigel Wyatt

Executive Officer