National Middle Schools’ Forum Newsletter

July 2010


1) Reorganisation of Bedford Borough halted

The plans to reorganise the middle school system in the new Bedford Borough have been halted by the collapse of the BSF programme - good news for the parents and schools who have campaigned tirelssly to retain the middle scholl system:

Two-tier education system plans scrapped

Bedford Borough Council has announced that it cannot continue to pursue the restructuring of education from a three-tier to a two-tier system.

It has released a statement which says that because the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme has been cancelled, it no longer has the funding to carry on with the proposals….

Full story here:


Link to Save Middle Schools campaign group:


Please let me know if middle schools in your area have been affected by the demise of Building Schools for the Future.

2) Book your place at conference now if you have not already done so ….

Full details and booking form from the ‘next conference’ page of the NMSF website – click this link:

3) Celebrating 40 years of Middle Schools

On the afternoon and evening of Monday 18th October we will be inviting ex-headteachers and leading figures from the middle school movement to join us – Full details are available at this link:

Please help us make this a successful occasion by circulating this invitation to ex-colleagues who might be interested in joining us for this occasion.

Further details from the NMSF website at the above link, and from the conference administrator:

Lesley Judge, c/o Greneway Middle School Garden Walk, Royston, Hertfordshire. SG8 7JF

Tel: 01763 243650      Fax: 01763 241499


4) NEW - Middle School Survey 2010

The last comprehensive survey of middle schools was completed in 1983 - please help us create a picture of middle schools today by completing Middle School Survey 2010 - just click this link

The areas for survey questions have been suggested by the headteachers on the Steering Committee.

The survey is web based and should be relatively straightforward to complete. We have tried to avoid questions that would require you to search for information – so, for example, we have avoided questions about the budget for this reason

The results will be launched at out Conference in October

Nigel Wyatt

Executive Officer