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Cambridge Primary Review Endorse Middle School Approach

The full report of the Cambridge Primary Review recommends many aspects of middle school practice. In particular:

That children in Years 5 & 6 should have the benefit of some specialist teaching. That upper primary age children should have access to specialist teaching facilities such as a workshop, science laboratory, art and music rooms as well as specialist rooms for special educational needs provision. That the rigidity of the government’s key stages is a barrier to pupil progress That the middle school system caters particularly well for the developmental needs of children.

The report argues for additional funding for primary schools to allow them to deliver the first two recommendations – but of course this is simply a description of existing middle school practice.

The key recommendation on the report concerning middle schools:

Key recommendation – No 107:

Local authorities responsible for England’s remaining first and middle schools should not lightly dismiss the case for their retention based on the developmental benefits for their pupils. (Page 503)

Please see the 'Reports' page of this website for a short booklet which sets out these recommendations – quoting directly from the final report.

posted 27/11/2009