National Middle Schools’ Forum Newsletter

Minutes of the Steering Committee Meeting held on 22nd November 2005

Kate Moorse
Jeremy Tafler

Kate Moorse, who is leading on the curriculum aspects of the KS3 review, and Jeremy Tafler discussed the latest stage in the thinking currently behind the KS3 review.
A consultation day with middle school heads and staff was proposed for the second half of the Spring Term


Nigel Wyatt to liaise with Kate Moorse over arrangements for a planned middle school consultation day at QCA.

1 Present

 Simon Davies (W. Sussex), Terry Holland (Worcs), Sue Kennedy (Bedford), Mike Meredith (Kent), Gary Booth (I.o.W.), Mark Knowles ( Herts), John Kime (Staffs), Alan Dodds (Northants) Nigel Wyatt (Associate Officer).

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from Mr Ian Bradbury (Somerset), Chris Robotham (Staffs), Michael Clark (Cambs), Stephen Lupton (Kirklees)

3. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 14th June 2005 were approved.

4. Matters Arising

No matters arising
  5. Election of Officers

It was agreed that the post of Chair become a 2 year position. This longer period of office would aid continuity and enable the Chair to be more effective. The Chair to be supported by a vice chair who may invited to become the subsequent chair, but without the presumption that they will necessarily agree. There may from time to time be an appointment to a position of Conference Organiser.
Simon Davies has served as Treasurer for the last 5 years. As he will be retiring in the summer he is stepping down as Treasurer. All on the committee thanked him for making such a success of the position. Mark Knowles agreed to become Treasurer.
Review of Executive Officer post - Nigel Wyatt was thanked for his work in the post and agreed to an arrangement where he accepted the position for the following two years, subject to 6 months notice from either party.
The following appointments were agreed:
Chair Sue Kennedy
Vice Chair Gary Booth
Treasurer Mark Knowles
Executive Officer and Secretary Nigel Wyatt

It was agreed that the following would be authorised to sign cheques for the Forum:
Sue Kennedy,  Mark Knowles
Mike Meredith and Terry Holland

6. Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer reported that after paying for the website development and the Executive Officer"s invoice the accounts stood as follows:

Current Account:    2622.75
Savings Account:  11467.76

7. Executive Officer's report

No further items to report subsequent to the report to the AGM at conference.



Nigel Wyatt to liaise with the new Treasurer over a letter to be sent out to county association treasurers in the new year regarding subs for 2006.

8. Somerset Conference 2005

Preliminary accounts suggest that the conference has broadly broken even an excellent achievement. The conference was very much enjoyed by members of the committee who felt that it had been very successful and much appreciated by those who attended. Conference evaluations support this conclusion.


Nigel Wyatt to write to Ian Bradbury on behalf of the committee expressing their gratitude for his hard work in mounting an extremely successful conference.

9. Conference 2006 - Bedfordshire

Sue Kennedy, together with support from Bedfordshire LEA is investigating a possible venue. Members of the committee made suggestions for possible speakers and workshops.

10.  NMSF Website

The new website was welcomed by members who saw it as a very positive development for the Forum

11. Development Plan 2006

Nigel Wyatt presented a draft Development Plan for 2006 which was approved with the following additions:

 a) That a proportion of the money allocated to the new website (1,000) should be used to encourage middle school staff to write articles about good practice. Staff will be invited to submit brief proposals for articles to the Executive Officer, who after consulting the chair; will commission the writing of the most interesting for a fee of 100 to the author.

 b) That the Forum subsidise the cost of the Chair representing the Forum at the European League for Middle Level Education (E.L.M.L.E.) conference in Copenhagen in January 2006.


Nigel Wyatt to publish the new development plan on the website and circulate schools for proposals for good practice articles.

12. Suggestions for speakers at future meetings this year

TDA CPD for teachers and support staff
Ofsted link between QCA proposals and the balance between inspection and innovation.
Tim Key Value added data

13. Area News

Kent No further developments
Kirklees Proposing two tier reorganisation if BSF project starts in 2009
Herts  - No particular three tier agenda but reviews concerning size and surplus places.
IOW Director and Deputy to leave.
Staffs Heads reeling from SEFs, TLRs etc and cannot remember pressure like it

11. Future meetings

Steering Committee Meetings arranged for the coming year.

Tuesday 14th March 2006
Tuesday 13th June 2006

All at 11.00 a.m. at London Diocesan House, 36, Causton Street, London SW1P 4AU

  The meeting closed at 2.00 p.m.