Reorganisation Materials

Reorganisation Materials  The Forum has been collecting case study materials to support schools facing reorganisation proposals. This page contains a selection of materials prepared by the Forum and groups campaigning for the retention of middle school systems.

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Briefing paper - Academy schools seeking to change age range October 2012

This paper sets out the procedure to be followed when an academy seeks to change its age range. A proposal by Shelley College in Kirklees to change from 13 to 18 to take pupils from age 11 has since been withdrawn due to opposition in the area supported by the local MP. October 2012.

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Other downloads

Schools Adjudicator rejects reorganisation of St Louis Middle School 2011    download
The Office of the Schools Adjudicator decision to reject plans for the reorganisation of St Louis Middle School in Bury St Edmunds in December 2011, sets important precendents for future reorganisation plans.
Proposals to reorganise middle schools in Suffolk - A national perspective 2007    download
A response from the Forum to proposals to reoganise the middle school system in Suffolk. The report seeks to show that the County Council fails to demonstrate that the issues it highlights arise from the middle school form of organisation. When considered in the light of evidence from successful middle school systems and national data these claims seem less convincing. 2007.
Briefing paper - Issues and problems in reorganisations 2007    download
Extracts from newspaper reports from around the country highlighting problems experienced during middle school reorganisations. The issues range from loss of experinced staff to high then expected costs. 2007.
Response to Suffolk Report - St Felix Middle School Governors - January 2007    download
A paper setting out the objections of the Governers of St Felix Middle School to the Suffolk County Council Report published in December 2006.
Briefing paper - Sharing experience from other area reviews 2006    download
A single page setting out advice for parent groups facing reoganisation proposals based on the experience of parent groups around the country. 2006.
Adjudicators report - retention of R M Grylls Middle, Kirklees - June 2006    download
Kirklees proposed to close R M Grylls Middle School. The Schools Adjudicator ruled that it should be retained - the full report makes very interesting reading. Clearly the extended school service provided by the school, and the very clearly expressed support for the school from the community, have persuaded the adjudicator that the school should be retained. The adjudicator also identifies issues with the proposed LEA plan and funding proposed. 2006