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National Middle Schools' Forum 2008 Annual Conference


Special Day Conference
The Future for Assessment in Middle Schools

Presentation by Alan Howe - download

  • Here are the links to the TeachersTV clips Alan used in his presentation (They are too big to add here). If you register with TeachersTV you can download any of their videos free of charge. Both videos show APP.

    Reading at Bishop Luffa - http://www.teachers.tv/video/28206

    Writing at Downlands School - http://www.teachers.tv/video/28200

  •        http://www.thegrid.org.uk/learning/english/ks3/planning/index.shtml

    11-19 New Secondary Curriculum - Leading the Change workshops for middle schools 


    • Presentation by - Andrew Macdonald-Brown - download
    • Presentation - Paraska Throup download


    These zip files contain the presentations and videos used at the 4 regional workshops for middle schools held in November 2008

    National Conference 2008


    National College for School Leadership, Nottingham


    October 20th & 21st 2008

    Meeting the needs of Adolescents


    Success in the middle years


    Elizabeth Schroeder

    Executive Director, Answer, Center for Applied Psychology, Rutgers University 

    Mick Waters
    Director of Curriculum, QCA

    • Main Presentation - Making Learning Matter More - download
    • Apgar Assessment slides - download

    Sian Carr

    Operational Director, Stakeholders & Networks, NCSL

    • The strategic leadership of change - download
    • Shift Happens - New US version - download
    • Shift Happens UK version ( version used by Sian) - download 

    Report to AGM - Middle School Inspection Outcomes:

    • Report on three years of middle school inspections - Oct ober 2008 - download
      A Powerpoint presentation - reporting on the three year cycle of middle inspections to September 2008. Compares middle school inspection outcomes to those for primary and secondary schools.

      Datafile - Middle school inspection outcomes 2005 to 2008 -
      A datafile of middle school inspection outcomes for the three years from September 2005 and comparative tables




    Stewart Goacher  -  Shepshed High School

    • The Making Good Progress Pilot in Leicestershire - download