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National Middle Schools' Forum 2009 Annual Conference



The SEF and the new inspection framework

A workshop specifically for middle schools


A workshop on preparing for Ofsted and writing the new SEF specifically for middle schools.

26th February, 2010 - Broadway House, London


Ceri Morgan HMI - His presentation of the new framework and the SEF - download

Analysis of the outcomes of middle school inspections since September 2009- download

The Middle School SEF - Day Conference - Outcomes and links to other guidance - download

Ceri Morgan - prevoius presentation - ways of showing progress Years 5 to 8- download

Benchmarking optional tests - a spreadsheet showing levels per year - download

Links to

Helpful Documents and Guidance


Practical Guidance for Schools – Tony Thornley Education


Aavailable here from the ACSL website for a donation to charity





Hertfordshire Guidance to writing a SEF


link to the Hertfordshire document "Tackling the new SEF" document:




See also the range of helpful guidance and documentation at the School Leadership: Self Evaluation centre on the Hertfordshire Grid:




A very useful grid for summarising attainment /progress against national benchmarking data


Bristol City Council


has a guidance document that lists the differences between the old SEF and the new SEF. It shows which sections of the SEF are transferable from the old SEF, and which sections need to be written from scratch. It also outlines what to include in each section:



National benchmarking data for Foundation subjects available from Office of National Statistics website


School Centre – a program that facilitates writing the SEF

Available from 




Talk to Michael Clark at Gamlingay if interested

Through Granada – annual subscription – dependant on number of pupils.


Keep remembering to ask ‘So What….?’





National Conference 2009

National College for School Leadership, Nottingham 

October 19th to 20th, 2009


Middle Schools fit for the 21st Century


Keeping it exciting in the middle years 


New - Middle Schools Directory 2009 - download

Curriclum Innovation - Sharing developing practice - case studies from individual middle schools - download

QCA publications following the joint NMSF/QCA co-development project:

Making Learning Matter - Final QCA Publication -  download 

This is the QCA publication summarising the work of the 10 middle schools involved in the NMSF/QCA co-develoment project

 Planning with the big picture in mind - download

A three page QCA Curriculum Network planning toolkit which summarises the central messages form the work of the middle schools involverd in the QCA/NMSF co-development project. Sent out as part of the pack for schools joining the curriculum network. 

Planning the learning feast - download

A single page which summarises in a very visual way some of the key messages from the work of the 10 middle schools involved in the QCA/NMSF co-development work.

Keynote presentations

Mike Hughes presentation - download

        Link to Mike's website - www.mikehughes-ets.co.uk

Workshop presentations

Rhona Seviour - From Good to Outstanding - download

Link to Oftsed publications referred to in Rhona's presentation:

 20 Outstanding Primary Schools: http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/Ofsted-home/Publications-and-research/Browse-all-by/Documents-by-type/Thematic-reports/Twenty-outstanding-primary-schools-Excelling-against-the-odds

12 Outstanding Secondary Schools : http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/Ofsted-home/Publications-and-research/Browse-all-by/Documents-by-type/Thematic-reports/Twelve-outstanding-secondary-schools-Excelling-against-the-odds

Dave Baker - Transfer and Transistions - Links to download two papers describing the work of two Suffolk middle schools:

          Paper 1 - Partnerships for progress  - download

          Paper 2 - Sustaining improvement, building capacity - download