The History of Middle School Education in England

The first complete middle school systems serving the whole of a local authority area opened in Stoke on Trent and Southampton in 1970. 

The First 40 Years of Middle Schools - A Sourcebook - 2010 - download
 - A collection of key sources, together with an account of the history and development of middle school systems, together with a timeline and bibliography.

Key Papers from the Forum Archives

The ‘Inter LEA Forum’, as the National Middle Schools' Forum was then called, held its first national conference in 1991. Local authority officers and Headteachers met to consider the theme ‘Working Together for Excellence’. As well as considering the advent of LMS and the National Curriculum, members also discussed the Audit Commission report of 1991 Rationalising Primary School Provision which first recommended the reorganisation of middle school systems to reduce surplus places.

Founding conference 1991 - Inter LEA Forum    download
Some of the papers from the very first NMSF conference at Stoke Rochford Hall.
A brief history of middle school movement - 1990    download
A brief outline of the development of middle schools in the UK written by Martin Thomas.
Introduction to Middle School Directory - Chris Tipple    download
The NMSF was instrumental in the publication of the Middle School Directory.
Extended 11 to 13 high schools in Bradford in 1966    download
Local press articel Bradford 16th November 1966.
Middle Schools - Leader Article from the TES    download
TES Leader 1966
Middle Schools Conference - University of Exeter Report no 14 1968    download
A conference held in 1968 to plan the first middle schools in Dorset.
The report from The Joint Four Conference - 1969    download
Papers from the conference of the four secondary teaching unions in 1969.
The Middle School Article R A Sharpe    download
An article from the late 1960's discussing the age of transfer for new middle schools.
Death of the middle way and make over mania    download
Article from TES about Northampton 2002.
What makes middle schools and middle schooling distinctive - 2004    download
An article reflecting on the experience of Australian middle schools.