Annual General Meetings Minutes 2008

National Middle Schools’ Forum


Annual General Meeting


Monday October 20th 2008

NCSL - Nottingham





1.      Chair's introductory remarks 


Terry Holland, Chair of NMSF, thanked members for attending conference this year and welcomed them to the AGM. In his opening remarks he highlighted the need for middle schools to debate the future of KS3 after the surprise announcement last week that KS3 SATs would be scrapped and that pilot of the single level tests is to be abandoned in secondary schools.


2.      Treasurer's Report


Thanks are due to the staff of Greneway School for the profit made on two previous conferences which has contributed about £5,000 to the accounts this year.


Thanks to the efforts of the Executive Officer there has been an increase in subscriptions paid this year - £10,500 up from approximately £8,000 last year.


Mark Knowles the treasurer made a plea to LA groups to pay jointly in a single cheque as this reduces administrative costs considerably.


Click to download a copy of the accounts presented to the meeting - download


3.       Executive Officer's report




The Executive Officer presented a report of the work undertaken over the last 12 months. Nigel Wyatt highlighted the four regional events in November being organised specifically for middle schools. A good number of delegates have already registered for these days.


Click to download a copy of the Executive Officer's report – download


4.      Brief feedback from ELMLE conference 2008


Terry Holland and Rachel Swaffield represented the Forum at the 2008 ELMLE conference in Vienna. The invitation to Elizabeth Schroeder came about as a result of this visit. It was evident that in a number of areas the education system in the UK is in advance of practice in European schools – such as AFL, use of classroom observation for self evaluation.


Rachel recommended the Model United Nations project from a workshop she attended.



5.      Report – Outcomes of middle school inspections in the full three year cycle just finished. 


The datafile for Ofsted inspection outcomes has now been completed revised with additional information added. These enable the comparison of middle school outcomes with primary and secondary school nationally.


The file and presentation to conference can be downloaded at:


6.      Suggestions for the NMSF Development Plan 2009


The following suggestions were received from members:


    • Work in partnership with other organisations such as Ofsted to develop a framework within which middle schools can properly demonstrate the progress of their pupils make over their time in the school.
    • HMI – a report to a head that they are developing a tool for the evaluation of progress in middle schools and revised guidance to inspectors – due in the new year.
    • Investigate opportunities for the development of a broader picture of children’s attainment than the present KS2 SATs afford.
    • CPD – consider the feasibility of calling a national middle school training day with coordinated training events for staff in middle schools around the country.
    • IN a time of increasing isolation for some schools and heads to investigate the possibility for support, for a buddy system, for invitations to join county association groups in other LAs.
    • A session at conference in the broader philosophy of education rather than the latest initiatives.


These suggestions will be considered at the steering committee.


7.      Conference 2009


A date for our 2009 conference was discussed and agreed


Venue: National College for School Leadership, Nottingham


Date; Monday October 19th and Tuesday October 20th 2009


The arrangements for the conference to be considered by a small subcommittee of steering in the New Year.


8.      Steering Committee Membership 2008/2009


Members are encouraged to attend steering committee meetings – with ideally at least one member from each LEA association.


Representative from Dorset – Iain Clark, Wareham Middle. A representative from Bedfordshire will be suggested by Bedfordshire heads.



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Steering Committee Meetings arranged for the coming year:


  • Tuesday 25th November 2008
  • Tuesday 10th March 2008
  • Tuesday 9th June 2009


At 10.30 a.m – St Saviours Church, St George’s Square, Pimlico, SW1V 9AL


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