Annual General Meetings Minutes 2006


National Middle Schools’ Forum


Annual General Meeting


October 9th 2006





1.      Chair's introductory remarks 


Sue Kennedy thanked both Bedfordshire County Council for their support in mounting the conference and more especially the group of Bedfordshire headteachers whose hard work had made the conference such a success.


Sue Kennedy and John Kime will represent the Forum at a QCA meeting to discuss the KS3 review on 19th October. QCA seem keen to receive middle school views and contributions to review process. Good links have also been formed with Ofsted over the last year, with Tim Key HMI attending a steering committee meeting to discuss data on middle school performance. He stressed how important it is for schools to present inspection teams with clear data on progress across the four years of the middle school.


Sue Kennedy represented the Forum at the ELMLE conference in Copenhagen in January. Their emphasis on the middle level educators, rather than middle schools, may point to a future direction for the Forum.


2.      Treasurer's Report


A total of £9000 has been received in subscriptions. With expenditure of £7231 over the last year there was a balance of £2266 income over expenditure.


The closing balance for the year was £16816.


The steering committee will be discussing was of using these funds to benefit members.


Click to download a copy of the accounts presented to the meeting - download


3.       Executive Officer's report


The Executive Officer presented a report of the work undertaken over the last 12 months, noting the support given to member areas and the links established with national bodies.


Members should be receiving Newsletters at least termly by email – if not please let the Executive Officer have your correct email address.


Click to download a copy of the Executive Officer's report - download


4.      Developing use of the Forum website – sharing good practice


The new design of the website has been well used by members. At the last AGM it was agreed to develop the website to enable the sharing of interesting practice. Three new features have been added:


  • A discussion forum
  • A page of good practice papers – the Forum offers £100 for papers it commissions sharing interesting ideas and practice – brief proposals for papers should be sent to Nigel Wyatt.
  • A page of links to schools with interesting practice they are willing to share – Nigel Wyatt encouraged schools to offer areas of interesting practice in their schools so that we can share good practice effectively.


5.      Suggestions for the NMSF Development Plan 2006


The following suggestions were received from members:


    • Widening our potential audience – consider a name change to encompass all middle years practitioners. We could also consider developing links with the independent sector.


    • Research the possibility of developing national data on middle schools for benchmarking and comparison, perhaps including Year 4 data.


    • Dialogue with Ofsted on educating teams on middle schools and the ways in which progress may be measured – with perhaps agreed advice about the best ways of presenting progress data. Some teams accept Year 8 optional SATs data – it appears others do not.


    • Consider developing a dialogue with the Fischer Family Trust on the presentation of middle school data driven by Year 3 or Year 4 data rather than simply KS1 so that it better reflects progress within the individual school.


    • Sharing examples of well written SEFs for middle schools.


    • The Forum could be much better at supporting members through difficult times and celebrating successes.


    • Consider a series of day regional day conferences – which might focus on data analysis and SEFs – but also connect with local group agendas.


    • Future conferences might target more directly other members of the leadership team.


    • Could consider inviting high/upper school heads.


These suggestions will be considered at the steering committee.


6.      Conference 2007


A provisional date for our 2007 conference was discussed and agreed


Venue: National College for School Leadership, Nottingham


Date; Monday October 15th, 2007



7.      Steering Committee Membership 2006/2007



Sue Kennedy, Greneway Middle School, Hertfordshire will continue as Chair for another year as agreed at the last AGM.


Members are encouraged to attend steering committee meetings – with ideally at least one member from each LEA association.



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Steering Committee Meetings arranged for the coming year:


·         Tuesday 21st November 2006

·         Tuesday 13th March 2007

·         Tuesday 12th June 2007


At 11.00 am - London Diocesan House, 36, Causton Street, London SW1P 4AU


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