Annual General Meetings Minutes 2016

National Middle Schools’ Forum

Annual General Meeting


Monday 17th October 2016

Statford on Avon



1.      Chair's introductory remarks 


Mark Walker reflected on the successful work of the Forum over the last 12 months. There had been a very positive response to the day conference in February with Ofsted and the DfE. The planned day for aspiring leaders in middle schools had not attracted much support but was designed to address an important area for our schools. Members were pleased to read the Coasting Schools guidance with its specific guidance in relation to middle schools. The DfE had responded positively to the points made to them over the recent letter concerning the progress of pupils in receipt of the pupil premium.


2.      Treasurer's Report


Laura Rawlings, NMSF Treasurer, presented accounts covering the period from the 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2016.


  • Income during this period  -        £26,786
  • Expenditure during this period – £30,148.78


In total the current balance in the two accounts Total £20,387.92




Balance as at  31/08/2016


HSBC Community                  £17,963.66

HSBC Business Account        £2424.26 (includes £1.31 in interest)


While there was more income than expenditure this year, this was partly due to the cost of cancelling the planned June day conference (offset by a profit of £668 on a well attended day conference in February) the finances of the Forum are healthy.


3.       Executive Officer's report


The partnership with GL Assessment
           – best practice in middle schools booklet?
            - Using GL Assessment data for benchmarking

Schools reported the usefulness of the GL Assessment data. There is a need to agree on a common system of data entry and it was agreed to discuss this at the next Steering Committee meeting in November.


Coasting schools and relationship with RSCs

Heads expressed their concerns about the lack of details over the way in which the guidance on coasting schools will be implemented. Middle schools should not be named as coasting until there has been an opportunity to discuss the school’s data on progress within the school. It was agreed that Nigel Wyatt would write to Sir David Carter on behalf of the Forum raising these issues.



David Brandon-Bravo – recent inspection at Parkfields Middle School

David gave valuable feedback on the recent experience of an inspection by Ofsted.


Letter concerning progress of pupil premium pupils

Nigel Wyatt and Mark Walker gave feedback on their recent meeting with Steve Kethero of the DfE who will be speaking to heads at the steering committee meeting in November.


Day conference – Friday 24th February – Sir David Carter

This proposal was generally welcomed by members – but the date will clash with half term in some authorities and may need to be reconsidered.


4.    Suggestions for the NMSF Development Plan 2016


5.      Steering Committee Membership 2014/15


It was proposed and all agreed that the following be elected officers for the Forum from this meeting onwards


·         Mark Walker  (Somerset)) – Chair

·         Maxine Warner (C.Beds) – Vice Chair

·         Laura Rawlings (Herts)– Treasurer


LA areas were encouraged to consider ensuring that they were represented at Steering Committee meetings in London, and for existing members to consider bringing a ‘friend’ with them.


6. Conference 2017


It was agreed that Steering Committee would consider the venue for our 2017 conference at their next meeting and consider ease of travel from middle school areas.



7. AOB


The were no items for consideration



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Dates for Steering Committee Meetings for the coming year


    • Wednesday November 2nd, 2016
    • Wednesday March 1st, 2017
    • Wednesday June 7th, 2017


At 10.30 -  St Saviours Church, St George's Square, Pimlico, SW1V 9A


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