Annual General Meetings Minutes 2015

National Middle Schools’ Forum 

Annual General Meeting

Monday 19th October 2015

Statford on Avon



1.      Chair's introductory remarks 

Zoe Linington reflected on the successful work of the Forum over the last 12 months:


·         The successful day conference in the Spring Term focusing on assessment provided and valuable opportunity to reconnect with Ofsted through Sean Harford’s presentation.

·         The developing partnership with GL Assessment has been taken up by a good proportion of middle schools.

·         The Forum has supported schools facing change of age range proposals and has pressed the DfE and RSCs for change in the Schools Organisation guidance.

2.      Treasurer's Report

Laura Rawlings, NMSF Treasurer, presented accounts covering the period from the 1st September 2014 to 31st August 2015.


  • Income during this period  -        £28,718.00
  • Expenditure during this period – £28,916.49


In total the current balance in the two accounts Total £23,749.19      


Balance as at  31/08/2015


HSBC Community                  £21,326.44

HSBC Business Account        £2,422.75

The healthy state of the NMSF funds has resulted from the successful day conferences which made a small profit through a high level of support from members and the continuing legacy of the profit from the 2012 national conference. There is no need to consider raising subscriptions at present.


3.       Executive Officer's report


Directory of Middle Schools 2014 – The Executive Officer has produced a new directory of middle schools for 2015 which shows that there are currently 144 middle schools of which just 5 are middle deemed primary following the closure of the middle deemed primary schools in West Sussex. The Directory can be downloaded from the NMSF website.


Support for schools – the Executive Officer has supported schools facing threats of reorganisation or closure in Dorset, Cambridgeshire, Northumberland and Worcestershire. Nigel Wyatt has written to Schools Minister Nick Gibb and Frank Green Schools Commissioner over concerns about the way in which proposals for a change of age range from first schools have been handled.

Benchmarking – The partnership with GL Assessment will provide a secure basis for benchmarking and was welcomed by members.

At the request of a number of schools there will be one final collection of Year 8 data for benchmarking in the next month for those schools wishing to take part.

4.    Suggestions for the NMSF Development Plan 2016

Member’s views were sought on the future of the annual conference and the work of the Forum over the coming year.

  • Discuss with DfE the treatment of middle schools identified as ‘coasting’.
  • Seek to change the guidance on School Organsiation
  • Develop the relationship with Oftsed
  • Develop middle school benchmarking in partnership with GL Assessment.

These suggestions will be considered at the forthcoming steering committee meeting on London on November 6th.

5.      Steering Committee Membership 2014/15

Zoe Linington (Herts) has served the Forum as its Chair for the last two years. Members thanked her for her hard work and commitment.

It was proposed and all agreed that the following be elected officers for the Forum from this meeting onwards


·         Mark Walker  (Somerset)) – Chair

·          TBC – Vice Chair

·         Laura Rawlings (Herts)– Treasurer

LA areas were encouraged to consider ensuring that they were represented at Steering Committee meetings in London, and for existing members to consider bringing a ‘friend’.

6. Conference 2015

It was agreed to hold our 2016 conference at The Stratford Hotel.

7. AOB

The were no items for consideration

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Dates for Steering Committee Meetings for the coming year


  • Wednesday November 4th  2015
  • Wednesday March 2nd  2016
  • Wednesday June 8th  2016

At 10.30 -  St Saviours Church, St George's Square, Pimlico, SW1V 9A



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