Annual General Meetings Minutes 2013

National Middle Schools’ Forum

Annual General Meeting

Monday 21st October 2013

Statford on Avon




1. Chair's introductory remarks


Phil Hill introduced the meeting by reminding members of the work the Forum has undertaken over the last 12 months and the successful planning for this year’s conference. He thanked the Executive Officer, Nigel Wyatt, for his work on behalf of the Forum over the last 12 months.


2. Treasurer's Report


Zoe Linnington, NMSF Treasurer presented accounts covering the period 1st September 2012 to 31st August 2013.


  • Income during this period - £33,162.00
  • Expenditure during this period – £24,327.53


In total the current balance in the two accounts Total £18,684.67



Balance as at 31/08/2012

HSBC Community £16264.78

HSBC Business Account £2419.89


The healthy state of the NMSF funds is due in large part to the profit from Conference 2012 when there were no costs for speakers. This has in part subsidised the cost of speakers for 2013.


3. Executive Officer's report

Directory of Middle Schools 2013 – The Executive Officer has produced a new directory of middle schools for 2013 which shows that there are currently 173 middle schools, of which 13 were middle deemed primary. The Directory can be downloaded from the NMSF website.


Support for Suffolk Middle Schools


Nigel Wyatt has spoken at two public meetings in Suffolk and support the parent group campaigning against the closure of Suffolk’s remaining middle schools



Support for schools in the Shelley Pyramid, Kirklees.


Shelley College, a 13 to 18 High School, proposed to change its age range. This plan was withdrawn in the light of local opposition. The intervention of the local MP was decisive.




Proposals, from a DfE academy broker, that Frome College would have to change its age range as part of a forced academy change have been dropped in the face of the combined opposition of the schools in the area.





The relationship with Ofsted that has been established through Gill Jones has been beneficial on both sides, and many schools report that inspectors are now much better informed about the importance of using school data to inform judgements about achievement and progress over the full four years of the schools’ programme.


Gill Jones and Mark Lindfield contributed to a very successful Day conference in the Spring Term in Bromsgrove and London.


The new subsidiary guidance published in September 2013 contains very helpful and specific guidance on the inspection of middle schools.


Middle School Funding


The decisions resulting from the recent consultation on issues such as the lump sum and sparsity factor went as far as we might have hoped in offering changes to support the funding of middle schools, following meetings with the DfE. It now remains to be seen whether these opportunities are taken by LAs and Schools Forum in each area.



5. KS3 Benchmarking Data

The final, corrected version of the data has been sent to contributing schools and the summary version will be available for download from the website very shortly..

6. Suggestions for the NMSF Development Plan 2014

Member’s views were sought on the future of the annual conference and the work of the Forum over the coming year.


  • Continuing middle schools dialogue with Ofsted
  • Embedding the new curriculum in middle schools
  • Developing a system for benchmarking intake data and consideration of a national test for Year 5 on entry created to give a national benchmark
  • Sharing best practice in use of pupil premium
  • Developing wider relationships – private schools, UTCs...
  • Looking forward to a world without levels
  • Effective self evaluation
  • Working effectively with governors


These suggestions will be considered at the forthcoming steering committee meeting on London on November 6th.


7. Steering Committee Membership 2013/14


Phil Hill was thanked for his hard work on behalf of the Forum over the two years of his term office which comes to an end with this meeting.


It was proposed and all agreed that the following be elected officers for the Forum from this meeting onwards


· Zoe Linington (Herts) – Chair

· Mark Walker (Somerset) – Vice Chair

· Laura Rawlings (Herts)– Treasurer



LA areas were encouraged to consider ensuring that they were represented at Steering Committee meetings in London, and for existing members to consider bringing a ‘friend’.



7. AOB


The were no items for consideration



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Dates for Steering Committee Meetings for the coming year


· Wednesday November 6th, 2013

· Wednesday March 5th, 2014

· Wednesday June 11th, 2014


At 10.30 - St Saviours Church, St George's Square, Pimlico, SW1V 9AL

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