Annual General Meetings Minutes 2001

Minutes of the AGM held on 21st September 2001


1. Chairman's report

2. Treasurer's report

3. Secretary's report

4. Administration of the N.M.S.F.
(Proposal to appoint an Executive Officer & cost implications)

Chair's report

It has been a real privilege this year to chair the NMSF and there have been a number of positive successes. The development plan for 2000-I had the following objectives:

  • raise the membership numbers of the NMSF
  • produce a termly newsletter
  • develop the NMSF web-site
  • plan and deliver an effective conference
  • develop further links with national bodies
  • build closer links with the middle school picture internationally.

Overall I think we have made good progress with most of these objectives. We now enjoy well-established links with Ofsted - whose data on middle schools was very encouraging overall, QCA, TTA and more recently the DfES.

The newsletter was published in the summer term and we have a small editorial team in place. Please do not hesitate to contribute! I am also very encouraged by the development of the NMSF web-site and I would like to thank Mike Meredith and Barbara McLeod for all their commitment in getting this vital resource up and running. I am also grateful for the help and support of all members of the NMSF executive during the past year. We now meet in central London three times a year. It would be very encouraging if every area / LEA with middle schools were represented on the executive.

Finally, I would particularly like to thank Vince Davies for his tremendous support and commitment to NMSF over many years. Vince has been a very conscientious and thoughtful secretary who is always willing and eager to promote middle schools. In our meetings with Ofsted, QCA and the TTA he has always been courteous and promoted the effectiveness of middle schools. He will be sorely missed and we wish Vince a long and happy retirement. I wish my successor as Chair, Terry Holland, the best of success in moving NMSF forward.

Graham Langtree

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Treasurer's report 2000 - 2001

This year has been marked by the increased activity at national level with meetings held in London and York with QCA and with TTA and Ofsted in London.

The Steering committee met four times - the extra meeting being to discuss the proposal to appoint an administrative officer.

The other main expenses of the year were for the CD introduced at last Year's conference and the re-creation of our web site. The web site is now managed by our 'web-mistress' Barbara McLeod.

The current level of membership fees will need to be reviewed if the more efficient use administration time is to be achieved. Most of this Year's income has been generated by the conference flyer pack.

I would like to record my thanks to Wendy Speck who held the post of treasurer until May. I have attempted to maintain the accounts in the manner approved of by Phil and Wendy but I do look forward to handing the responsibility to my successor in the very near future.

A further thank you is due to our auditor, Chris Waghorn, who completed the audit and made some helpful suggestions for the future.

Vince Davies - Treasurer
24th September 2001

Income & Expenditure Account for the Period ended 31st August 2001


 Subscriptions  2,420.00   Conference fees 1,400.77 
 Bank interest 56.70   Members expenses 287.85 
 Excess of Expenditure over Income 1,116.23   Web site costs 1,770.16 
     Internet charges (AOL) 84.15 
     Audit fee 50.00 
  _______    _______ 
  3592.93    3,592.33 
  ________     ________

Balance Sheet as at 31st August 2001

 Accumulated Fund as 30/4/2000  5,331.06   Bank balance 4,214.83 
Less excess of Expenditure over Income 1,116.23     
  _______    _______ 
  4,214.83    4,214.83 
  _______    _______ 

I have examined all of the accounts of the National Middle Schools Forum, together with the relevant supporting documents supplied and have obtained all the necessary information and explanations relating to the Fund. I certify that the Final Accounts present an accurate picture of the financial activities and transactions undertaken on behalf of the Forum.

 Dated 15.9.01  Signed CJ Waghorn A.C.I.B.

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Secretary's Report 2000 - 200I

We have had one of the most successful and rewarding years for the NMSF. This has very largely been due to the vision and hard work of our chairman, Graham Langtree.

The production of a development plan during the first steering committee meeting of the year provided us with a clear focus for our activities.

Following my retirement from the headship of Roysia school we moved the venue for our meetings to the Diocesan Centre in London.

You have all received the reports of our meetings with QCA, TTA and Ofsted and, thanks to Graham's persistence we are about to re-establish a working relationship with the DfE.

I was pleased to be able to visit Staffordshire and to re-establish contact with the LEA and Headteachers. My attempts to do the same with Kirklees remain unsuccessful.

We have been sorry to hear of the changes pending in Oxford, Northampton and Exeter.

The long awaited CD arrived in May and it now provides our web site with images of children enjoying their middle school experiences.

The year ended with a visit to the QCA Annual Meeting where Graham and I were able to raise a number of issues and represent the forum's concerns with Estelle Morris and Ted Wragg.

It hardly seems possible that I 0 years have passed since the Stoke Rochford conference that marked a turning point in the forum's development. Much has been achieved in those ten years but there is still more to do. In the coming years a more professional approach will be needed if we are to gain a higher profile, recruit more members and develop a greater degree of credibility as "The Voice of Middle Schools".

I would like to offer my sincere thanks for all the help and encouragement given to me over the last ten years and I wish 'The Forum' and my successor every success in the future.

Vince Davies - Secretary

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 Job Description for a Paid Officer
 Responsible to: The NMSF Steering Committee
 Time: 15-20 days per year
 Remuneration: circa 250 per day plus expenses. Payment will be by cheque to invoice. (This to include all administration costs.)
 Responsible for:
  • Administering the NMSF in accordance with the wishes of the Steering Committee/National Officers
  • Taking minutes of all NMSF meetings
  • Maintaining the NMSF membership list
  • Recruiting additional members
  • Producing the termly newsletter
  • Attending meetings of behalf of the NMSF
  • Maintaining contacts with DfEE, QCA, TTA, Ofsted, etc.
  • Liaison the NAHT middle schools committee
  • Working with the Website Manager to maintain the NMSF website
  • Producing all publicity, recruitment and membership materials
  • Maintaining links with all local groups and associations of middle schools.
  • Visiting local groups and members to offer assistance as appropriate.
  • Such duties as may reasonably be required by the Steering Committee or National Officers
 Contract: The agreement between the incumbent and the NMSF shall be a fixed term contract for 1 year renewable by mutual agreement. The agreement between the parties shall be subject to notice of termination of one school term.
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