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Latest additions to website: December 2018

Day Conference 2019
Friday March 1st 2019
Broadway House, London

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Two important reports have been added to the Reports page of this website.

Three Tiers for Success

A report summarising the latest evidence of middle school effectiveness in England and around the world. The report considers the success of three tier systems in the latest GCSE results, the outcomes of middle school inspections and argues for a re-evaluation of contribution three tier systems can make to our current education system.

Managing Effective Transitions in the Three Tier Systems

Research into the effectiveness of school transitions in three middle school areas using pupil surveys and indivual pupil interviews before and following change of school. The report finds that pupils changing schools within three tier systems do not experience the sharp changes in class room culture and expections that are commonly associated with transfer at age 11.




Latest Middle School News :

News Jan 2017

Ofsted - New Wording for Middle School IDSR

We are pleased to report that Ofsted have agreed to add the following wording to the pre-inspection IDSR report for all middle schools:

We know from published performance data that pupils at middle schools, on average, have lower progress scores at the end of key stage 2 than pupils at all other primary schools.  It is not clear what causes this but inspectors should be aware of this when using and interpreting data for different school types.

Middle School Matters Booklet for parents

  A booklet for parents explaining middle schools and setting the national context for our schools.
  The booklet is available to download in two versions

  - Low resolution - suitable for parents to download from your website and view on screen - download

  - High resolution - printers proof - suitable for high quality printing - download

Guidance for Inspection of Middle Schools

The guidance on the inspection of middle schools is now contained in paragraph 188 of the New Inspection Handbook published in August 2016 available on the Ofsted website.

The previous guidance for the inspection of middle schools is available here - download

New - Middle School Directory 2018

New (revised) - a spreadsheet - all middle schools for 2018/19 with links to Ofsted and DfE pages for each school  - download

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