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Latest additions to website: January 2018

Day Conference 2018 - Friday 2nd February 2018

To see the programme details for our Day Conference on Friday 2nd February in London, and download the booking form, please see 'conference' page of this website.

Middle Schools Directory 2017

 Please see link on News panel to download the latest directory of all middle schools for 2017/18 with links to performance and Ofsted reports, together with an analysis of the latest Ofsted outcomes for all middle schools in September 2017.




Latest Middle School News :

News Jan 2017

Comparing GCSE outcomes for 2016 and 2017

A brief report comparing the outcomes at GCSE for pupils in three tier systems with those for all schools in 2016 and 2017. The results show that students in three tier upper and high schools achieve higher outcomes on average than those in all schools -   download

NMSF Response to Primary Assessment Consultation

A paper setting out the full NMSF response to the DfE consulation on the future of primary school assement together with accompanying evidence - download

Middle Schools - Coasting Schools

Link to download a copy of the presentation given by Nigel Wyatt and David Brandon Bravo to staff in RSC regional offices - February 2017

Presentation - The Middle School Context  - download

Middle School Inspection Outcomes

Two interesting sets of information about recent middle school inspection outcome

Presentation by Sean Harford - Middle and Junior School Inspections outcomes - comparison with most recent inspection outcome for all schools - download

Spreadsheet showing middle school inspection outcomes since September 2016 - download

Middle School Matters Booklet for parents

  A booklet for parents explaining middle schools and setting the national context for our schools.
  The booklet is available to download in two versions

  - Low resolution - suitable for parents to download from your website and view on screen - download

  - High resolution - printers proof - suitable for high quality printing - download

Guidance for Inspection of Middle Schools

The guidance on the inspection of middle schools is now contained in paragraph 188 of the New Inspection Handbook published in August 2016 available on the Ofsted website.


The previous guidance for the inspection of middle schools is available here - download

New - Middle School Directory 2017

New - a spreadsheet - all middle schools for 2017/18 with links to Ofsted and DfE pages for each school  - download

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